Friends, let me tell you a little about the lottery sambad form. Unless you have this form, you will not receive a reward unless you complete the form. The form tells you how much you have been rewarded and how much money you have been rewarded General Chat  Lounge This form will tell you that your name is really up and you deserve it. This form you can download from different types of websites. As I have uploaded these forms below, they are usually in PDF file. Which you can easily change your

This form is unique to a separate state in India. For example you cannot use one form for each state. All the forms are available in the links below. Download the form and fill it out and send it to the same state where you purchased the lottery. It doesn’t matter to you just your name, your mobile number, your lottery number and how much you are rewarded for.


For West Bengal Ticket Claims download all the following three files, fill and submit according to the instructions