Does Astrology Really Work?

If you ask hardened scientists, they will say astrology can’t work. On the other hand, believers will give the opposite opinion. And the truth is that both are right. Actually, it all depends upon the definition of “work”. Basically, astrology refers to the belief that the stars and planets have an impact on a person’s… Read More »

The Original Mandela Effect Article

Nelson Mandela died in prison, long before his loss on December 5th, 2013. Many people – perhaps thousands – seem to believe that. That’s where the name of this phenomenon – and the original website, The Mandela Effect – came from. I’m the person who first popularized that phrase, and here’s what I said, back… Read More »

How to Click a Great Candid Photo?

It is a bit hard to click a good candid photo. It is not about the photograph alone, but also the emotions captured with it. To make it clear, candid photo means photos that were genuinely unplanned and unposed. Like the photo of a group gathering, beach trips, family activities, etc. Here I am assuming… Read More »

How to Activate Your Roku Device

Over the years, Roku has become immensely popular and widely considered as one of the best streaming devices around the globe. By connecting wirelessly to your high-speed Internet connection, Roku streaming players allow you to stream movies, TV shows and music to your television sets. With over 250 channels of media content that is also… Read More »

Creative Imagination – What Causes It?

Have you ever used creative imagination to write a novel that has been published? Compose a piece of music that has been performed? Draw, paint or sculpt a work of visual art that has been bought? Of course, you don’t need to be a musician to hear an original melody in your head, or an… Read More »

Being an Artist – Why It’s Not About the Money

What is an artist, the fine artist, artisan, and a craftsman? Artist-is an individual who creates products for commercial businesses. Two examples are graphic designers and book illustrators. Fine Artist-An inherited talent to create original, visual, and beautiful objects of art for aesthetic values. Examples include oil paintings and hand sculptures. Artisan-independent craftsmen who create… Read More »